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Anonymous asked: So as an aspiring comic creator and writer I look at all this hate the community can bring and find it so daunting like it scares the absolute shit out of me. I was a small kid in the 90s when people just loved comics and everyone got to be a fan. But now it looks like everyone comes out of the woodwork just to hate people. How does the medium give so much but take so much away?


I’ve gotten a couple of messages like this over the last Couple of days and I think that this is so very disheartening. this is the real damage done. 

 the comics community, readers and creators alike, is filled to the rim with like-minded forward thinking people who are specifically here looking for fun and excitement and creativity and passion. that is the facts. that is our reality. that’s why we’re here.

 the negativity can seem truly awful because it stands out in complete contrast to what is actually going on.  I promise you. there so much love of art and characters in our business that when people go out of their way looking to shit on something, not critique- shit, it just stands out because it is so the opposite of what we’re all about.

 and there is nothing to be scared of. I promise you from experience. I’ve been at this game for a while, man and boy, and every dumb ignorant mean stupid thing that could be said about me has been said and nothing happened.

I can tell you that it absolutely doesn’t matter.  all that matters is that if you have work to do, art to make, and that you do your work. if you have a story to tell… you tell that story.

 don’t let bullies bully you. it doesn’t matter what sex or race you are… you can still be bullied. if you are letting that stand in the way of doing your art  then you are letting them bully you. 

fuck those assholes :)

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

fair question, Ch’p.

from Smallville#4 out this Wednesday.

fair question, Ch’p.

from Smallville#4 out this Wednesday.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel


Banded Jawfish (Opistognathus macrognathus)

Jawfishes are mouthbrooders, which means that they take care of their eggs in the safety of their own mouths. The duty lies with the male and typically lasts for around 8-10 days before the eggs hatch. During this time, he will continually rotate the mass of eggs to ensure that they are evenly aerated with fresh water.

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Gambit—for BostonComicCon sketch list:


for BostonComicCon sketch list: